A Movement That Lasts

Firstly, there is grave concern when a movement builds on emotion.

Emotion is powerfully persuasive. Elections are often won on emotional rhetoric more than political policy. But long-term dangers exist for such decisions.

Secondly, there is some concern when a movement builds on ideas.

Admittedly, this second point is beyond the scope of “A Community of Castaways” and probably would be better for a different article. But I doubt I will write again on IDN and it does play into the overall concerning theme of this article as will be seen more developed in point three below.

Thirdly, there is marked concern when a movement builds into another grouping.

Independent, Fundamental Baptist has its black eyes — too many to count. And Josh has been used greatly to address and correct many of these. The words independent, fundamental, and Baptist unfortunately have been associated with music, dress, attitude, and more. This has greatly conflated the issue. Fundamental shouldn’t be an attitude; it is adherence to the fundamentals of the faith in contrast to true liberalism. Baptist isn’t a personality, standard, or methodology; it’s an affirmation to a historical body of Biblical teachings in contrast to the teachings of other mainline church creeds.

Can a movement endure?

History and the Bible itself are replete with movements that have come and have gone. Curiously, some endure generations while others lose bearing quickly. It’s hard enough to look back at great movements and discern what went wrong. But what if we could discern it in the moment? What if we could help it to endure? To use the words of Gamaliel in Acts, if it is “of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.” I want God to continue to use Josh Teis, the people of the IDN movement, and others who love Christ. And I sincerely pray for enduring ministry, deeply grounded on Truth.



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Chris Chavez

Chris Chavez


Child of God. Husband to Sara. Daddy to Alayna and Isaac. Pastor of Green Road Baptist Church. Director of Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp.